420px-The_Daria-e_Noor_(Sea_of_Light)_Diamond_from_the_collection_of_the_national_jewels_of_Iran_at_Central_Bank_of_Islamic_Republic_of_IranStory for Elephant and tailor

Once upon a time there an Elephant  it wont daly to lake for drink whater it passad a tailor shop the tailor was daily gave to eat the Elephant was very happy save a tailor  one day tailor did gave not eat it tailor inlled to trank it Elephant was very angry the elephant to lake for drank whater there go fild to drink draty whater. it elephant came tailor shop .it thorw in tailor shop draty whater it tailor was vary sad it talior pinishad


Hii i dont have elephant and tailor fotos



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